You’re A Winner!



“Winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.” – Vincent Lombardi

When our four children were growing up my wife Anne and I got into many heated discussions. As I played games with them, first Snakes and Ladders, then Ludo, eventually Monopoly I always played to win. Anne said “Why don’t you let them win once in a while?” My reply was “You never let me win at Othello!”

Anne pointed out that in her opinion playing a board game with an
adult and a child were two different things. I disagreed, I said they must learn that life is difficult and that every time things don’t work out for them they have to learn what went wrong and how to get things better next time round.

“You just like to win!” she said and smiled. Well I do like to win and so do my kids, who have learned from me all my tricks and some more besides and they can beat me fair and square. Anne even let me beat her at Othello the other day, or so she says! 😉

Who wants to lose? Who doesn’t want to learn and grow from the
experiences life gives them? Think of it you are the one who won the race to the egg, you were born a winner! So it’s a fact that if you weren’t a winner you wouldn’t be here!