You Are Powerful!


Yes, you are all powerful! You can control the entire universe; your entire universe! You are capable of silencing the negative voice inside your head! You can therefore construct your entire reality! Nothing in your life has a meaning, until you give it one!

Every moment there is a choice between negativity and positivity, when you are representing the facts of what has just happened to you! We MUST believe we live in a friendly universe, or we are on a hiding to nothing!

Remember; we created this dualism, just to enable us to play this game from the safety of heaven, where we are surrounded by love! There’s up and down, right and left, inside and outside, positive and negative, in this illusion of reality!

Whilst we are here, the way to navigate the game is by returning in our hearts and minds to the love which negates the fear that the game keeps pretending to scare us with. So fear less, love more; be here now!