You Are Magnificent!

You Are Magnificent


Don’t be scared my friend! The worse thing that happens to us in this life is death and it is then that we either go into nothingness, so it’s all over; or we end up realising this lifetime was just a dream and it’s time to wake up to a new day in reality surrounded by love and all the ones who we have loved and lost are returned to us!

“Row row row your boat gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily life us but a dream!” Be at peace! Love is the meaning of life love; Life is the meaning of love! Or as the good book says: “If god be for us who can be against us!” and “All things work together for good for those who love god!”

So be at peace; I am just the part of you that is here to remind you that you are magnificent! You are an individualisation of the god force! You are divinity personified! Be not in fear or pain! Know this, that the power of love resides within you and that you are more than equal to every challenge that you have to face!

Love and light to you from Andrew :) <3

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