Wise Men Find Peace Within

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Are you chasing the wind? Are you looking for peace, seeking for your dreams, going after something you perceive as missing from your life?

Have you seen Holman Hunt’s painting entitled “Light of the World?” He has Jesus stood outside a door overgrown with foliage holding a lamp and it often is coupled with the caption “Behold I stand at the door and knock. If any man hears my voice and open the door, I will come in and sup with him and he with me!”

It is a sad picture, because if you are out chasing the wind, how can you ever answer the door to the Prince of Peace, who has come looking for you!

Many years ago, James Thomas East the hymn writer wanted so badly to visit the Holy Land to see with his own eyes where the story of Christianity began and started saving up for the trip. When he had almost got the funds required, his sister became grievously ill and needed a doctor. In using up all his savings he found the healing she so desperately needed. He then wrote these words.

“Wise men seeking Jesus
Travelled from afar,
Guided on their journey
By a beauteous star.
But if we desire him,
He is close at hand;
For our native country
Is our Holy Land.

Prayerful souls may find him
By our quiet lakes,
Meet him on our hillsides
When the morning breaks.
In our fertile cornfields
While the sheaves are bound,
In our busy markets
Jesus may be found.

Every peaceful village
In our land might be,
Made by Jesus’ presence
Like sweet Bethany.
He is more than near us,
If we love him well;
For He seeketh ever
In our hearts to dwell.”

Peace is right here and right now! It’s time to stop chasing it, and instead to sit quietly and wait patiently. It will come knocking on the door of your heart. The Psalmist reminds us “Be still and know that I am god!” And be being still you will know how to find peace!