WISDOM 101 – Chapter Eleven (VII)


The Man Who Gives Freely – Part One

It’s strange to me coming back to the scriptures, after 20 years of not reading them to find that I don’t agree with a lot of what I am reading. In my Bible School days I swallowed the camel whole (see Matthew 23 verse 24) I accepted everything I read in the “good book” as 100% acceptable and bona-fide.  Back then it would be unthinkable to go through the teachings it provided and treat it like a pick and mix, but nevertheless that is what I am now doing, in gleaning wisdom here.

I do want you to question what I am saying in the same way I am questioning whether I agree with what I am reading. Most of all, I would love you to open up the scriptures for yourself and do the exercise that I am doing. Please go and see for yourself what wisdom you can find in the book which is helpful, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, there is so much that can help you to be found in the pages of ancient wisdom; I hope I’m going to find some now.

Proverbs 11-24

Hurray! Here is something that resonates well with me! Solomon is still writing in these good versus bad lines and it’s obviously the first part of what I read that has me jumping for joy. Here is the wisdom I came here looking for, that if you want to be wealthy you need to become a conduit for the blessing of others. The more you freely give, the more you will receive; to hold onto the blessings you have and not to share the excess will mean in future you will lack your needs

It is like collecting enough Manna from the desert in the morning to last a few days (See Exodus 16 and Numbers 11 in the scriptures) it will just go bad on you.  Like attracts like, so if you are a giver then that which is needed by others will come to you. Those who do not hoard and give out of the excess they have not only are seen as being a blessing to others, but like Dickens Scrooge on Christmas morning experience elation and joy in the blessings they have received.

Proverbs 11-25

It seems like the scriptures are saying, what goes around comes around. Elsewhere in the book it says “in the same measure you give out, it will be given to you” (see Luke 6 verse 38) it’s also strange how much of the scriptures I remember despite being away from them for so long. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you (see Matthew 7 verse 12) seems to be the advice being given here. If you want your business to prosper be generous in all your dealings.


I worked for a family firm of builders for many years and the thing that stood out to me about them was the loyalty of their staff. In an industry where people are always moving from one employer to another I am sure the generous wages they paid had a lot to do with things being the way they were. Conversely, I had another employer who paid the lowest wages in the country, (confirmed by their accountant) who had over 100 employees leave in a period of 2 years.

Proverbs 11-26

This verse reminds me of the saying “There’s enough for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed!” People who store and collect things up in a time of recession help to stagnate the economy whilst they become rich. They buy things for a knock -price because people are in desperate need of money to buy essentials, they will not sell what they have bought until they are able to get much more for it than they bought it for. Such people are trading on other’s misery.

This verse speaks of food being withheld from those who are hungry and although our economic system isn’t the same I see the equivalent being those who are being forced to get food from food banks. Here in the UK where there are thirteen million people in the fourth largest economy in the world living below the poverty line and one million visiting food banks each week; whilst the multinational companies get away with paying little tax whilst the government seems inept.

Proverbs 11-27

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, keep looking. That which you are seeking is seeking you! Whether you seek good or evil in your life, you will find it. I don’t think Solomon meant that anyone would deliberately search for evil for themselves, but that as they seek it for others it will surely come to them. What goes around comes around; so make sure you are looking for good things for yourself and others, if you are in business seek win/win scenarios.

Love and light to you from Andrew :) <3

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