WISDOM 101 – Chapter Eleven (III)

Proverbs 11 - Intro 3

  The Godless and The Upright – Part Three

As I said in an earlier article it is not my intention here to tell you what to think or believe about the words of these or other scriptures. I am merely bringing to you my own impressions and insights of what I find here. My hope is that you would open the Book of Proverbs for yourself and decide what meaning these words have for you. I believe that they may have a different meaning on different days, but they will speak right into the heart of the situations we find ourselves in.

I am specifically looking into the Book of Proverbs to find advice of how to run a successful business and how to be good with money because up to now in my life I have either chased it in an unhelpful way, or shunned it. It was as I read Proverbs 10:22 I had a revelatory moment and saw that it is god’s desire for us to be blessed with riches and since then I have wanted to uncover the way that god expects us to behave on the path to personal wealth.

Proverbs 11-08

As the term “the righteous” is used I see the need to identify with this concept on my way to wealth, it is obvious from the things I have read that it is the righteous who if they have wealth, have received it in a way that is approved by the writer of Proverbs. King Solomon was an extremely wealthy man who funded the building of the most ornate building that had ever been built at the time of it’s construction, his words therefore are to be trusted.

Verse eight is probably not be speaking about wealth alone, but if you want to keep the riches you have, being righteous seems the way to go! If you are in trouble your very nature will either come to your rescue or take you deeper into the mire instead! The talk of “the wicked” in negative terms may be misunderstood today, where the language has changed and someone or something that is termed “wicked” is thought of as good, in the scriptures, wicked means bad!

Proverbs 11-09

There are sins of omission and sins of commission! In this context the wicked, the ones who say evil words may refer to bad advice that people give you, or just that because they don’t tell you the full story and you act on their words you’ll get into situations that will cause you untold damage and maybe even be ruinous. If you listen to the words of the righteous however your life will improve and you will be blessed instead.

This of course begs the question: “How do I know who I am listening to? Is this person what the scriptures call “wicked” or “righteous?” Maybe it’s not immediately obvious, but in this context I would personally listen to the words of those whose lives I admire rather than those who may be financially well to do, but had an attitude towards others that I didn’t like. Later on in the scriptures Jesus says: “By their fruit you will know them!”

Proverbs 11-10

People are cruel, they love to see the good guy win, but they also like to gloat when the bad guy gets his come-uppence! Whether we should be glad when the bad people around us get their “just-deserts” could be open to question, maybe we should be compassionate and caring towards those who are so obviously taking a pathway to destruction? All I know is that I don’t want to be one of their number, I want my life to be rejoiced over for the right reasons.

Proverbs 11-11

There are many cities on Earth, cities of culture and history, cities known for the violence they endure or create. Wherever people gather together in communities, the question is : “Will they be a blessing or a curse to the other groups of people around them?” One bad deed doesn’t deserve another, two wrongs don’t make a right and yet those who are attacked often retaliate and that just makes things worse.

We must be careful with both our words and our actions, that they stir up those around us in the communities we live in to do good and not evil, to be a blessing and not a curse, to exalt our cities, towns and villages and not to bring them down. It seems a simple enough notion that if accepted and followed would bring peace rather than the sword, bullet, bomb and rocket? People who care more about having vengeance instead of peace, will always have more to suffer.