Wisdom 101 – Chapter Eight



“Take my instruction instead of silver, and knowledge rather than choice gold; for wisdom is better than jewels, and all that you may desire cannot compare with her!” – Proverbs 8 v 10-11 (RSV)

When I first came to the book of Proverbs, I believed I would find some new insights that I haven’t heard or thought of before. After all who doesn’t wan’t more wisdom? Any help we can get to have a better life is worth considering and embracing. Solomon was obviously wanting to warn Rehoboam, his son, about the danger of going after the pleasures of this life, rather than seeking wisdom, the last three chapters were clear on that.

Maybe what I lost sight of last time, was that Solomon saw a distinct choice between following and embracing the temptations of the flesh and pursuing and holding onto wisdom. He speaks of both wisdom and temptation as females, following one leads to life, following the other leads to death, whether that is meant as physical or spiritual life or death, initially doesn’t seem to matter, although spiritual death is the real killer.

Please remember it is my intention to cut through the religious language and go straight for the wisdom contained here. Those reading these articles of mine may well be offended by me taking out the talk of God if they are strong believers and those who haven’t read the Book of Proverbs (which I urge you to do, so you can get your own insights) may initially think there is nothing for them here, but I can assure you there is!

The Call Of Wisdom

Coming here I was one looking for wisdom, calling out for her and yet it seems she was calling out to me (verse 1)! I suppose we are all guilty of not taking the time to listen. Wisdom and understanding it would seem are hidden in clear sight! It is down to which sound you focus on which determines what can speak to you. Wisdom is speaking to you now, are you interested in what she is about to say? Here’s your chance and mine to get “wised up” it is prudent of us to do so!

Many of us are searching and have searched for truth; wisdom speaks, her words are righteous, she speaks of noble things and of the truth! When you find knowledge, when you know the lessons wisdom has to teach, then it is all straight-forward and easy to understand. Better than gold, silver and jewels is wisdom, because if you listen and you haven’t got any of them, wisdom will show you how; and if you have worldly wealth, wisdom will help you to keep hold of it.

Wisdom tells us to shun pride, arrogance and perverted speech and to hate evil. Wisdom has many gifts to give us, such as counsel, insight and strength. It is with wisdom that Kings successfully govern, reign and rule. Wisdom gives wealth to those who love her and keeps their bank accounts full. It was as a result of considering a new business plan that I came to read these words, so I am glad to see that the Book of Proverbs, the Wisdom of Solomon is addressing such things.

The Eternity Of Wisdom

We are told that wisdom preceded everything else; wisdom is literally “older than the hills!” From a scientific point of view the laws of physics and quantum physics must proceed everything that exists, so to find out that everything emanates from wisdom makes sense.  Wisdom is so wise because she has lived and is aware of everything that exists and how it came to be there; personally I can’t think of a better teacher, than one who knows it all and has seen it all!

Wisdom was glad to see the sentient ones come to life, the ones who could reason and understand at a deep level. I wonder how disappointed she was when by far the majority of humankind seemed to have no interest in being enlightened with the wisdom she was longing to share with each and everyone of us. The fact that we have freewill means that we don’t have to listen to wisdom and we can go on into the darkness that persists without her, should we choose to.

The Invitation Of Wisdom

Listening to wisdom isn’t the end of the matter, it is merely the beginning! If you want to get happy and stay that way, you must not neglect the wisdom you have learned; you must put it into action! We need to serve wisdom, wait close by her, ever attentive to her words. If we do, we have found life; if we don’t we are choosing to love our own injury and death. I am now willing to listen, I’m ready and waiting for all the wisdom that has been promised! Bring it on!

Love and light to you from Andrew 🙂 <3

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