Why Does Anyone Need A Life Coach?

APS Life Coach

Hi I’m Andrew Paul Smith and I Am A Life Coach

“Every man (and woman) gotta right to decide his own destiny!”– Bob Marley

Well, I have a theory and maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not, I’ll let you decide. My theory is that eighty percent of the people in the western world really don’t enjoy their lives. What most of them are doing is going from one minor crisis to another. They go to their jobs each day, pay the bills and although they maybe get a holiday or two each year, they don’t feel fulfilled. They don’t experience a life that is on purpose; and they suspect that their lives should be so much more than it really is. 

However, if you’d asked those same people in their late teens or early twenties, what they wanted to do with their lives. Whatever their answer would have been back then, it’s certainly not what they’re doing in their lives now! I also believe that it’s still not too late to have the life of your dreams and that anyone can be totally fulfilled and live a life of passion. What’s more, I believe that the Life Coach has the tools and the strategies to help people like you and me get to from where we are to where we’ve always wanted to be.

So, why does anyone need a life coach? Well first of all, I think everybody’s got one! The person most people use as their Life Coach is either a family member, maybe it’s their parents, maybe it’s a brother or a sister, a dear Aunt or Uncle. It could be a friend, a very close friend or someone that they know at work, that always seems to be there to advise them and to help them along life’s way.

The problem is that those well meaning people are not trained to coach, they do it from their hearts, which is great, but they don’t really understand the processes involved. I believe that the tools and the strategies that I’ve learned and used not only with my clients but in my own life too, could enhance your life if too you were to decide to make use of them yourself.

If you go to the testimonials page my website you can read what others have said about the changes for the better that have happened to them by applying these Life Coaching tools.

The great news is that there’s a complimentary taster session, a thirty minute session, that I’m willing to give to you to help you to personally taste the benefits of having a Life Coach and to see for yourself if Life Coaching can help you on your journey, from where you are to where you really want to be in your life. Then at the end of that session you can make an informed choice as to whether you would like to continue with the Life Coaching process.

I believe a life of purpose, a life of joy, a life of fulfilment awaits you.