Why do we keep ourselves in a lull?


A friend of mine asked me the other day “Why do we keep ourselves in a lull?” I was saying that I didn’t feel all that inspired and I think it came as a surprise. As the founder and sole administrator for the past six years of the Facebook group “Be Inspired!” it must have seemed unlikely that the leader of an 18,000 strong community of that name could have uninspiring days.

The question though wasn’t about feeling uninspired, it was about staying uninspired! It’s one thing to have an off day, but to get into a rut with life, where the negative seems OK and inspiration becomes something to stop seeking, or even shun, is not conducive to a great life on planet Earth, is it? My friend sent me various videos to help bring me out of my lull, but it was the question that intrigued me.

The question itself reminded me that we have a choice, whether or not to “Be Inspired!” No-one demands of us that we stay cheerful, determined and passionate about pursuing our purpose and yet … what would we choose? If we really didn’t have to depend on our mood, or the circumstance of life, or the weather, or our level or lack of inspiration … what would we choose?

It brought me back to the realisation that, we feel the way we feel for a reason! Our emotions are not always there to dictate to us how we should feel; sometimes our feelings act as a warning to us to change what we are focusing on, or even on what we’re doing, so that we can return to positivity and inspiration quickly.

Why do we keep ourselves in a lull? My answer is because we forget that we can remove ourselves from it, by changing our focus and by changing what we are doing! The “Be Inspired!” group exists to help people to get out of that lull and I have found by reading the posts there and commenting on them, I am feeling much better now!