Who Are You Really?


The ego is the false self, it is always seeking its own way out of fear! It is part of the construct of the temporary perceived separateness of this present duality. The truth is that we are one and that only love exists!

If you can quiet your mind and listen to your heart long enough, you will know the truth of this statement and that truth will set you free! I, me and mine are all, when expressed by the ego, the expressions that bring pain and sadness into our individual lives!

We are here to celebrate individuality and to find joy in the illusion of our separateness; not to cause hurt, but to find new ways to love! When that becomes clear we can be at peace, recognise the place in each other where we are one, and let go of the false self.

Ownership is an illusion that divides us. Our personal desire for recognition stops us from playing our true part in serving others. The false self when it is placed over and above the desire to be love, will cause the one asserting their wishes pain!

Be an individual, live out your own life, but do it with love, allow others to be themselves too, and remove the E and let it GO!