Which Direction? Any Direction? No Direction?

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How important is it for you to have goals?

 ‎”I would sooner fail than not be among the greatest!” – John Keats

I’ve heard people dismiss Self Development and Life Coaching with one statement, they say “I’m not goal oriented!” I always leave this kind of conversation with respect for the individual’s right to chose how to live their lives, but also sad.

You see, if you are someone without a goal, then in my book, you’re someone without a pre-determined destination! If you’re someone without direction for your life, my expectation is that you’re floating around and you’re going nowhere! It seems so apparent to me that the reason why so many people are depressed is because they lack both focus and direction.

I also meet people who initially seem to be on my wavelength, they talk about things that they want to accomplish in their lives and they seem to have so many goals. On the face of it, they appear to have direction, but I leave those conversations feeling sad as well.

You see, it’s impossible to go in lots of different directions at the same time, so these people end up going nowhere too! What I’m saying is that yes, we need direction for our lives, but maybe like an airplane we need to pick one airport at a time to fly to, or we’ll just be “up in the air” till we run out of fuel.

Personal Development and Life Coaching can offer people the tools that will aid them on their journey to become the people they want to be, living the lives they truly desire, once they have established where their destination should be.

As you must know by now, I am offering you the opportunity to have a without cost, thirty minute coaching session of your own. I am unable to type the email or pick up the phone and dial the number for you; these actions can only take place as a result of your decision and desire. When someone offers you a gift, it isn’t yours until you accept it. So now it’s up to you, I wonder what you will do with my offer.