What Of Love?


Every one knows that love is the answer to all the worlds problems; that we should be kind, and show our concern for those in need. And yet … the human heart seems closed and unaware on so many occasions that the absence of love is what we see reflected in the news that is reported and in those whose words declare the news to us too.

Where is the generousness of spirit, the willingness to show mercy and to give people the benefit of the doubt. Why do we all display cruelty from time to time, rather than the love that is most surely within us? I believe we are at the deepest of levels beings of love and light and yet so often our very nature is not in sight.

In tragedy, in confusion, in chaos, in the face of the obvious needs of others our hearts are moved and we shine the light of love into the darkness! So, my question here is why do we wait for tragedy to let out this most beautiful part of our being? Are we too busy excusing ourselves for our internal faults and our external mistakes? I simply ask not of tody and the beautiful explosion of love and light, kindness and compassion but on other days … WHERE IS THE LOVE?