What Isn’t Important

APS 170915

The past isn’t important!

It’s a land we can never visit again
Whether it’s filled with joy or pain
Replaying memories is in vain
Today is the sunshine after the rain
It’s in the now that all can change

The future isn’t important!

An undiscovered country to come
The future is a race not run
It may be happy or not much fun
So don’t sit here looking glum
Today is the day to get things done

Philosophy isn’t important!

Debating the ins and outs of things
Which ideas will lose or win
Wasting time on this is a sin
None of it will make you grin
Religion, politics? Don’t let me begin!

Hate and fear aren’t important!

Overcome your fears my friend
And let your hatred come to an end
It’s not the way your time to spend
You’ll reap things you’ll have to mend
Instead of this find love to send

Love is the only important thing!

The past is gone so don’t live there
The future unpromised a sickly pair
Philosophy makes us stand & stare
Hate and fear bring us to despair
But love is important so have a care