We Are Not Alone – We Are All-One!


In the duality, the so called “real world” we are told that at the micro cellular level nothing ever really touches! There is always a distance however small between objects or people! We are alone, individuals walk this path untouching, untouched!

And yet in the quantum world of super-position we are entangled and together! This is the nature of cause and effect in the ceaselessly flowing interactive nature of our universe, everything each one does, affects the whole!

We are all parts of the whole and it is my belief that we are connected at an even deeper level than that! I believe that in essence there is but one reality, and that I call that reality love, some call it god, others source, still others the universe!

At the spiritual level, we not only touch, and are entangled in a creative super existence, but that we are literally all one and it is but the shadow of the ego that separates us!

The ego is like an egg shell, it protects new life, but when we are fully grown we can break out of it and reunite with the essence of all life. I believe one day we will all know and experience we are not alone, but all-one!

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