We Are All One!


Everything is random and everything happens for a reason. In the great quantum entanglement of life we are alone and we are all one! There is emptiness and meaning, joy and sadness, both a plan for your life and mine, and nothing makes sense!

Everything is false and true; but the question is which will you believe? I have chosen to charge my faith positively not negatively. At the age of 17, I decided to believe in a friendly, not a hostile, universe. In the end, I said to myself back then, I may be proved to be wrong, but by taking this attitude I would enjoy my time here much more!

Forty-plus years later I’m still having a ball! I enjoy my life and look for positive meaning and purpose in everything that happens to me. Sure, I do have days where I get down, but even then I see them as necessary so that I have the contrast for knowing how good, the good times really are!

I see you, if you’re reading this, as a blessing to my life! Thank you for showing up! I do hope you too can see the sweet serendipity of knowing me? I am choosing to enjoy the dualistic nature of this reality and I believe in the extra letter L, the L that stands for Love. We are not alone, in my perception we are all one!