iPhone 150


Written & Copyright Andrew Paul Smith
25 September 2010

How do you see this life
What’s come into view
How would you describe
The world as seen by you

What is the metaphor
You’d use to describe your life
Is it a game or a beach
Or a bitch and then you die

The way that you speak of life
Becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy
So be careful what you call life
What do you want it to be

I suggest you think of life
In terms most positive
Whatever bad things happen
Don’t let those negatives

Continue on inside your mind
After they are past
If you do those feelings
Will most surely last

So view life as a picnic
A day out by the sea
A sun drenched blue skied happening
And then you will be free

Free to enjoy
Your time upon the Earth
Your days will then be happy
And they’ll be filled with mirth

It’s up to you to choose
No-one else is in control
You direct the feelings
That goes off inside your soul