Universal Love Song


Written and © Copyright 2011
By Andrew Paul Smith 03-12-2011


The love we have we’ll share forever
Your love has once more made me whole
It seems to me that you were waiting
In my soul, in my soul, in my soul

I’ll sing to you my universal love song
The one that’s now ringing in my ears
The one that’s full of joy and delight
The one that’s meant the end to my tears

Although I cannot touch or hold you
Your presence is in my reality
Heart to heart, deep to deep, you love me
I’m complete, I’ve everything I need

Some call you god and some eternal spirit
The universe or just the higher self
To me you are a friend in higher places
Than the mind of man can comprehend

I’m trusting you with my souls salvation
That when I leave this vale of tears to be free
You will take me home and I’ll be with you
And we’ll be one forever and eternally