Written and © Copyright 2010
By Andrew Paul Smith 09-09-2010


What do you understand about your life my friend
You were born and you will die
But what’s in between
A gathering of information and experiences too
Relationships with others, then there’s all the things you do

Have you got wisdom, or do you just know facts
Can you remember the journey you’ve taken
Have you got the knack
Of getting where you want to go almost painlessly
Are you already the you, you want to be

    You have the understanding
You do know how to think
You are the survivor
You can return from the brink

Life is for learning, but it’s not a game
It’s not a practice
So do you know why you came
Do you know your purpose here, is that much understood
Are you certain that you’re doing what you really should

Open up your heart and mind, take some time right now
To consider where life’s brought you
The where and why and how
Can you see the direction, where your life is going
Then you’ve got understanding, you’ve arrived at knowing