Trusting Others


Do you ever feel that there really is no-one in the whole world that you can trust, no-one that understands you or loves you the way you want to be loved? Well I’m here to tell you different, please bear with me, and I’ll explain:

Life can be a terrible struggle at times, but for every down there must be an up! You can’t experience really bad times without the balance of the good times being on their way to you. Life is all about ups and downs, if we didn’t have the down times we wouldn’t know how good the good times are.

I have known some very dark times in my life, in fact without going into the details, I personally hit a personally an all-time low in recent weeks and although I’m not fully out of it yet, things have begun to improve. Actually, as a matter of fact, that statement is based on something that to me happened today, the whole world is looking much brighter.

You see, the one person that you can trust, the one person that fully understands you and loves you the way you want to be loved has been with you all along! In fact, that person is YOU! All the events of our lives affect us and make us who we are, but trusting yourself, your instincts and your higher self is the way to get back to trusting others.

There are some wonderful loving people not far away from where you are right now. There are support groups in local churches, there are the Samaritans and Citizens Advice, those kinds of organisations. To be in a place where you can be helped by people like that though you must trust yourself enough to reach out and share your problems.

Maybe my problems are nothing like yours, maybe you’re reading this and thinking what does he know about my present situation, NOTHING and you’d be right! But this much I do know, if you are in need, then in this dualistic world there is someone there with the resources to help. To meet them you must trust yourself enough to reach out and ask for the help they can provide!