Total Freedom

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Total freedom is the absence of all rules, both the rules of society and those of our own making. Freedom is where the dualism ends and unity consciousness returns, in our perception of it.

When we accept external rules, we become subject to them and we are no longer free to be ourselves in society. When we accept internal or self-imposed rules we imprison our spirits from becoming who we are capable of being.

Total freedom is to not only know and be aware of our integrated place in life as part of the isness of it all, the unity of all that is, in some static meditatory sense. Instead, it is when we are actively playing our natural part, not just in living our lives, but letting life live itself out through us.

Let our heartbeats be in rhythm with the heartbeat of the universe! May we lose ourselves in that heartbeat and may that heartbeat lose itself in us! As we become one with all that is, rules will become superfluous; because how can you insist something or someone to be what they already are, or to stop them being what they are not!