The Symbol of Our Age

The symbol of our age is … a burnt out social housing tower block in the richest borough, of one of the richest cities in the (so called) civilised world.

It’s time for us all, to finally choose between people and profits, kindness and catastrophe, decency and decadence! It’s time for the silent majority to be heard, and for the love that exists in our hearts to be administered to the needs of our fellow human beings.

If there is a sea change in the opinions of the individuals that make up our society, then the leaders (who love to cling on to power) will change too. Our silence and our lack of scrutiny is as much responsible for the tragedy, as those seeking to cut corners to make profits for themselves has caused. It’s time to speak up and say: “Not in my name!”

The result would be, that instead of using fellow citizens as pawns in a game where the rich make the poor pay for their mistakes, we could now finally give as much value to our neighbours lives as we do to our own. It would also mean, there would no longer be an “us and them” mentality, that excuses our own prejudices and that ends in hatred or at least a lack of compassion towards humanity.

The Banking Crisis of 2008 was supposed to show us that greed isn’t the philosophy that serves any of us. It’s warning wasn’t heeded, and now we must in all sadness and abject remorse for our own silence and/or interest (as this potential event was becoming more likely), now finally speak up both loudly and clearly for our fellow citizens in love, compassion, kindness and care.

We need to be aware of our own response as we face this new symbol of our age, before profit steals away from us those that we love in the way that the Grenfell Tower tragedy has done to many hundreds already: