The Pursuit Of Self Awareness


Life is not easy, but what makes it worse is when you and I are in denial, when our vision is impaired and we don’t have an eagle eyed view of where we’re at. That’s why I believe that, self-awareness is something worth pursuing to the nth degree.

When we can sit with our pain and our true selves, then we can finally be free! When we are being authentic, we can share fully from our hearts, then life unfolds in a beautiful way and as a result, we are then able to help others to do the same.

So who is willing to awaken? Who is intending to take or has already begun taking the journey into self-realisation? Who isn’t scared to face fully, their personal reality and become aware of who they are and the reason why they are here?

Consciousness for humanity is a worthy goal and I want to play my part, how about you?