The Prodigal Returns



By aps 151015

That which is the breath
That which breathes through me
That which is beyond my thoughts
Is now the one I see

I am transcendent now
No longer just my thoughts
I am the one I was looking for
The one that I once sought

I manifest desire
I came just to be love
I am light, I am divine
The hand within the body’s glove

I am eternal now
Although I always was
I am the prodigal
Now found who once was lost

I am the nameless one
Who cannot be defined
Not the body, but pure spirit
Not the soul, and not the mind

In the gospels Jesus told a very well-known story about “The Prodigal Son.” As you know in the story the oldest son left the family home and spent his inheritance on wine, women and song. One account has him forgetting where he was from or even that he had a father that might still care for him, despite his riotous living. In the story, the son ended up so hungry he wanted to eat the food he had to feed the pigs with.

You may have heard me say or have read an article I wrote a number of years back, saying that we are all a bucket of god. This hit me in a different way recently whilst watching a conversation on You Tube between Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle. As Osho said “Not a drop in the ocean, but the ocean in a drop!” The story of “The Prodigal Son” took on a new meaning to me as I considered the content of this conversation.

What if I as a part of god decided to try separation as a game, to enter a duality away from the oneness, to get as far as possible away from me so I could have the joy oy the journey which found the way back? I see that as the quest of all human beings today, so of course that includes you. All the tragedies of life, all its vast experiences are merely part of a game of hide and seek and when “The Prodigal” comes to his senses in a way he (or she) returns to themselves.

The journey to awareness can be tough but the excitement at the discovery that I was always in a place of great favour and my being is so worthwhile when viewed from and eternal perspective has me now wondering. What if there are other deeper truths in the words of Jesus that those who taught me weren’t even aware of themselves. Maybe Jesus has much more enlightenment to share with me and you than we previously were aware of?


Love and light to you from Andrew 🙂 <3