The Only Way Out, Is The Only Way In!


There’s a part of me that dreams, a part of that is secure no matter what happens. I sit here sure of myself, and yet still doubting. Why don’t I dare to push off into the deep, and throw myself on the wings of uncertainty and delight?

I know I am eternal and yet the ego part of me doesn’t want to let go of the familiar. I hear warning bells, the voices of all those who ever cared for me shrieking “STOP!” The false self has such a pull on me.

And yet here I am, able to see the chasm opening up between who I thought I was and who potentially I can become. I am daring myself to jump the ship that is taking me in the direction I know I am not supposed to go. I am scared! I am fearful!

Can I put my money where my mouth is, metaphorically speaking; or am I trapped in my penniless existence unable to attract my true worth? I wish I could say, I have broken free of my old ways, my ego, my false self, the identity I acquiesced to build with others to cover up the real me, but instead I feel I am being torn apart.

Please pray for me, pray for my freedom from the things that hold me back from embodying the true spiritual being I am, rather than the ordinary person I have allowed myself to become.