The Only Way Is Up!


“Success is how high you bounce after you hit bottom.” – George

This insight reminds me of a song from more than twenty years ago: Yazz and the Plastic Population’s “The Only Way Is Up!” The song speaks of how because of their love for each other, a couple who have “fallen on bad times financially” will be able to face whatever comes their way and rise up again.

When you get to the bottom there is only one way for you to go
and that has to be back up again! Finances are only one aspect of
life where we can experience “the bottom.” Our health, our
relationships, our emotions can all hit rock bottom, but we can
and will rise again if we don’t lose heart.

“Falling on bad times” and “hitting the bottom” suggest that you don’t float there gently, you arrive with a bump! So why not use the force of the impact to propel you skyward again? Bouncing back is part of our human nature; most people take what life gives to them and makes the best of it. If life gives us lemons, most of us attempt to make lemonade!

After all if we don’t, the other choice is not that pleasant. Wallowing in self pity will get us nowhere, and will not attract many to share the experience with us. If “birds of a feather flock together” then wouldn’t you rather spend your time with those who are “bouncing back” instead of those who are not?