The Long Journey Into Oneself


Life is a journey, but the most wonderful journey you and I will ever take, is the journey into ourselves. The inner world is far larger than the outer world and to believe that which is external is more real than that which is within us is to forget that we are divinity.

Most people have forgotten who they are and the immenseness of their powers. They live in the illusion, that the physical world is all that there is, and as a result feel fearful and powerless. This is a strategy for disaster!

Unless and until you and I decide to make the effort to go within, we will never discover that the world of so called reality is an invention, a creation, of our making, along with the help or hindrance of those who you live in closest proximity to!

GO WITHIN! We are the evolving universe, coming to terms with ourselves! We are the creator individuated in the time/space of now/eternal and it is from that space within us that we will find our composure and certainty for the path ahead!