The Joy Of Going Deep


For me there is nothing better in this life than when you meet soul to soul with another person! I think that is why I took to the role of coach so well. I just love and am fascinated by people, I want to know what makes them tick and to show them how lovable they really are! I remember singing a hymn in church which spoke of the way God “looks and loves his image there” in each one of us. I want to see others, how God sees them.

I know that there is a divine spark in every person I meet and that life is always made sweeter when your are privileged to really see the image of God in another. It isn’t an easy place to gain access to, but oh the treasures you can find when someone is willing to reveal to you who they truly are on the inside!

Most relationships, even some great friendships are very surface in nature; but oh, the joy of going deep! To get there with another human being you have to become vulnerable yourself, you have to be willing to share your truth, to risk rejection, to be non-judgemental and to love like the creator loves. Then the beauty of existence, of life and of experiencing sacred encounters will be yours!