The “Handle On Life” Top 20 Tips



Over the coming weeks and months I will be promoting a series of new products under the “Handle On Life” banner. A downloadable self coaching ┬ácourse with a difference, which I will reveal to you nearer the time.

Today I am making the source document on which my initial product will be based available to you. After spending the last eight years as a Life Coach and the previous twenty as someone who made the study of Personal Development my main hobby, I have brought together the best advice possible into this book.

Although I have written this TOP 20 TIPS book myself, the wisdom it contains is only mine because I have spent the best part of the last 30 years, researching it, applying it and sharing it with my clients. The principles it contains will revolutionise your life as they have so very many people’s lives before. Ge t your copy today!

Here’s the link:

The “Handle On Life” Top 20 Tips

For those of you who don’t know “Giant Steps Life Coaching Limited” is the company I set up in September 2006 to promote my work as a Life Coach, Speaker and Author.