The Ebb and Flow Of Life

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The ego wants its own way; and when things go its way, then it sees itself as triumphant, powerful and no longer needing to strive. Yet, the stresses and strains of this life come don’t come from the ego not getting its way, but from the ego itself!

What if those feelings of triumph, power and the lack of striving, arrive to the ego merely because of coincidence and not in any way in relation to the intended interference of the ego’s will?

I remember that the words of St Paul affected me deeply when I read: “I have learned in whatsoever circumstances I find myself, to be content!” (Phil 4:12) It was a major lesson for me in controlling my egotistical desires which many times have ended in frustration, anger and resentment.

To be at peace, you don’t need to get your own way! You only need to recognise that life’s ups and downs are part of its ebbing and flowing! To be at peace, is to accept what is and not to be “kicking against the goads” as the Damascene bound Saul of Tarsus was doing as the heavenly voice spoke to him. (Acts 26:14)