The Dance Of Life



There is so much to love in and about your life, but as you first start to crawl, then walk, then run and finally … as you begin to dance to the tune that only your heart can hear, your soul can truly understand, how to love yourself.

Life as we experience it, has been given its parameters to us by parents, teachers, our peer group, the media, our employers and by current philosophical thinking.

However, it is only when we can see ourselves, not as right or wrong, talented or incompetent, loved or unloved by others, but as authentic, special and valid in our own eyes despite of our faults and regardless of our gifting, that we can truly be free to dance the dance of life!

So, see the individual that you are, get up close and personal! Embrace your darkness and your demons too! Be real! When you see your flaws and love yourself anyway, then you will have learned how to love and respect others properly too!

Yes! Fall in love with yourself and do that before you do anything else; because when you do, you will realise that everyone ,despite their faults, are lovable too!

You can then live the way the hymn writer said Jesus did, when he wrote the line describing him as: “Love to the loveless shown that they might lovely be!”