The Best Way To Love Someone

The Best Way to Love Someone


“I find the best way to love someone is not to change them, but instead, help them reveal the greatest version of themselves!” – Steve Maraboli

In my work as a coach my absolute joy is to join in with my client’s journey to ultimate self-realisation and self-assurance. I hope I am like other coaches who work from a place of ultimate love for humanity as the reason for their work.

I remember the words of the old hymn that describes the mission of Jesus as being “Love to the loveless shown that they might lovely be!” I can’t think of a better calling or vocation, to care for others in a selfless and noncontrolling way. It can be frustrating at times on a human level, when you can see what needs to change in a client’s life, but you know they will be far better served by being allowed to discover this truth for themselves.

As human beings, especially from a male perspective, we so desire to fix things, to help solve the problems that our loved ones have and yet we are human beings not human fixers! Sometimes our loved ones want our help and suggestions, but other times we need to be those who are with people in their grief and problems and be willing to “weep with those who weep!”

We are told that we will forget what people say to us, and what people do for us, but we will always remember how people made us feel. To love someone in a way that will never be forgotten is to allow them to be who they are without wanting to fix them. If we can make them feel good about themselves and their circumstances, regardless of whether they are pleased about them or not we will have served them well!

We are all on the road of life and although its twists and turns separate our experience and perspective of the reality of life, we can be there for each other along the way. We can be a cheery smile or the warmth of a hug to our fellow travellers and we can be remembered with affection should we take a different route, if our journeying takes us in different directions.

What is the best version of yourself that you haven’t discovered yet? Look out for those who love you without trying to change you, because their observations and insights may be of help to you and me!

Love and light to you from Andrew :) <3

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