That Awesome Person Called You


Who is in awe of you?

‎”It is a lesson which all history teaches the wise, to put trust in ideas, and not in circumstances!” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

In conversation with one of my clients, I was told about one of his business acquaintances that he said he was “in awe of,” someone who my client had a very high opinion of; so I asked the client “Who is in awe of you?”

Often we see others as somehow further down the path than we are ourselves, they’ve got better knowledge, better connections, better abilities and they appear in comparison to us as super-human. We aspire to be like them.

The reason for this conclusion is because of our own perception not only of the world, but of our own place within it. We think we know all there is to know about ourselves and we’re just ordinary, the skills we have are common place.

My client is a very successful small business owner, who built up his business from scratch, having to learn the tools of his trade as his business developed over the years. I’m sure that many of his clients see him as the expert in his area.

There is another question that I asked my client the next time I spoke to him; it’s a question I’d like to ask you too, “Are you in awe of yourself?” Psalm 139 v14 says that we are “Fearfully and wonderfully made!” 

It’s time to realize that you aren’t insignificant; you too have knowledge, connections, talents and abilities. It’s my belief we have all been sent into this life equipped for a grand purpose, but sadly many people die with that potential still unfulfilled. If you’re not sure, I’d love to help you to discover your purpose or maybe just how to get back on track, to the place where you know deep inside you’re supposed to be in your life.