Spreading The Love Moment By Moment

Sandgate and airport 034



Written and © Copyright 2006
By Andrew Paul Smith 30-10-2006


Arrivals and departures
Coaches, trains and planes
The Station and the airport
A place of love and pain

We greet and meet our loved ones
Say hello and hug and cry
It’s so wonderful to see you
Been too long, how time flies

I’ve watched in joy and sadness
I’ve seen it all go on
Friends reunited and lovers in despair
The height and depth
Of our emotions
All are gathered there
The station or the airport
Is where we show we care

At a time of goodbyes
The silence sometimes deafens
Lovers hug and sigh
“Until we meet again my love
It’s au revoir and not goodbye!”

My thoughts turn to the hospital
Where babes are born and people die
Arrivals and departures
Make us smile and make us cry


As we said our brief goodbyes to my second cousin Katelyn from Canada, at the drop off point in Manchester Airport back in August 2012 I was ok. She had been staying with us for part of her trip to the Smith Family’s Centennial gathering.

And yet as I drove away I saw a young couple hugging and saying their own goodbyes and I started to fill up and choke a little at the thought of people who love each other having to part-company for a while. Only those who love can truly know the sadness experienced in “see you later!”

The arrivals lounge was such a happy place to be in just 10 days earlier, the hugs and smiles of everyone in that place were totally heart-warming! As we said our brief goodbyes I was sad, but that is because my immediate family and I experienced moments in Katelyn’s company that will be imprinted on our souls forever! She was just a name on the family tree and now she is a part of our lives and someone we both know and love!

Not only did we meet up and spend time with Katelyn, but also for the first time we met her sister and fiancée, her aunt (my cousin) and uncle and their three daughters and of course we got to spend time at the family get together with many of my UK based extended family. What a wonderful experience in life is the love we feel for our family, the more we celebrate our love for friends and family the more joy we will know in our hearts!

If you love someone who lives away from you and this post has made you think of them don’t let the next 24 hours go by without sending them a message of love. Make today special for you and those you love!
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