Sitting In Silence

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Motionless, unmoving, unmoved
Letting what is just be …
The silence that surrounds you …
Disturbed only
By your own breathing …
Alone and at peace, you are …
Letting the world go by …
Without desire …
Allowing your plans to be at rest

You meet with the universe
You become super-positioned
Nowhere and everywhere
In a moment
No boundaries, no limits
You are at peace
You are peace

The love that exists
Within you expands
The love without you engulfs you
You become love
Although you always were love
As you sit in silence

Oh that each one of us
Would spend time each day
Just … sitting in silence
Meeting with the deeper level
Of what is outside of ourselves
Our petty desires and wishes

To meet the isness
To become the isness
Of peace and love
Just … to BE!