Seeing What’s Real

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Can you see what is real? “Of course, I can see what is real!” you might reply; but can you? The unenlightened are tethered to the world of form, of flesh and blood, of temporal certainty. They believe only the evidence of the five senses and declare this to be reality.

This view of the world is comforting in part, but sometimes the evidence can be disturbing. Our reality when described this way, can become a picture of lack, a nightmare of desperation, destruction and even death! I hope you can see a much deeper reality than this?

Maybe you will disagree with me and think me quite mad, but I see something much more beautiful and profound than the three/four-dimensional world of space/time reality.

I see into the benign essence of universal love and light. I see into the purpose, passion and precise perfection of universal love and light. I may have only had glimpses of it, but it has reassured me that this life isn’t all there is and that that this deeper eternal reality is worth belonging to.

What can you see?