Reaching The World

dreams to reality


“One must have strategies to execute dreams!” – Azim Premji

I am beginning to create my first online Life Coaching course. I have previously worked one on one with my clients, and although I have found this very rewarding to be able to enter into deep discussions and to be able to personally mentor people towards the achievement of their goals. I am faced with the same problem as everyone else; there are only 24 hours in a day!

Typically my life coaching sessions last a couple of hours, so if I didn’t sleep, eat or do anything else then there is a maximum 84 clients I could coach in a week. In a 40 hour working week, the more achievable figure would be 20 clients although that would give me no time to review my notes before each new coaching session began.

My dream is to reach the world, with my messages of inspiration, challenge and encouragement and to coach and mentor thousands of people. The way to touch so many lives in more than the superficial level that social media has allowed me to do is by creating my own “Handle On Life” online coaching program.

I have thought about creating such a coaching program on many previous occasions and I have spoken about it many times too. Sadly, thinking and talking about your dreams is only the first step in making your dreams come true. I read recently the formula “Imagination plus action equals miracles!”

As I read todays quotation I realised that I must be systematic in my approach to this task and with this realisation I now look forward to sharing the finished product with you as soon as possible! Why not take some time today to consider what steps you need to take to bring into reality that which you have always wanted to achieve and then we can compare notes along the way.