Pure Potential


“Finding Peace in a Troubled World is the name of the “Handle On Life” course I am preparing at the moment. It’s a relationship course to help you relate to yourself better and to find that all elusive inner peace that many are looking for.

I had a wonderful spiritual awakening just over two years ago, when it came home to me at a very deep level that I am not my history, or all the pronouncements people have made about me, that I am the chooser of what makes up my life.

This left me with a problem because if I wasn’t my history, or the one who represents all the things that people have said about me, then who am I? Despite the relief I felt from no longer being type cast, nevertheless it has troubled me ever since.

You see, I couldn’t remember who I was before people told me my identity. I kept thinking about how the stories and observations I tell about my life, seemed to be me, my identity. If I wasn’t that person, of course it freed me, but I was left with a blank.

I am nobody! That was my deduction! If you stripped away all the details, surely there is nothing left? It is only recently, I have realised fully that I am in essence part of the isness, I am divinity personified, I am pure potential and at any moment I can redefine myself.

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