Written and © Copyright 2010
By Andrew Paul Smith 23-09-2010 

Total insecurity you don’t know where you’re going
No sense of direction your life just isn’t flowing
Where you are is certainly not where you want to be
Which means boredom and depression for all eternity

Can you see beyond your present situation
And think of something that will give you motivation
Maybe it’s a desire you felt many years ago
That you’d hidden from your mind
Where you can’t see its glow

Dust away the cobwebs, get rid of all that junk
That you let take over when your purpose sunk
Out of your imagination into a dark cold place
That turns into automatons
Members of the human race

Your potential is quite staggering if you could only see
With purpose led by passion
There’s nothing you can’t be
But until you take back all that you’ve laid down
There’ll be no smiles upon your face you will only frown

So meditate quite deeply
Leave your present world behind
Allow yourself to dream, stop being so unkind
To the person that you are
Whose plans went down in flames
Claim back the life you wanted, before you go insane