Poem For Mankind

mankind poem

Written and © Copyright 1973
By Andrew Paul Smith 25-11-1973 (Age 16)

We go through our lives and we try to find
The right way to treat others but alas we are blind
We cannot see the way to which peace leads
And unable we become to accept each other’s creeds

It really shouldn’t matter the way in which we think
Through all the world religions
With study you’ll find a link
And soon the Christian is a Muslim
And a Buddhist and Hindu too
No longer can Jewish people be called the chosen few

If we think no longer of separate ways of living
One day we may find ourselves to each other giving
Happiness and peace and all things thought good
And from this initial planting
Would grow an eternal bud

A new religion to which everyone could belong
And from a basic belief would grow a lasting song
Which everyone would sing and raise to God on high
The praise that He deserves
From righteous men but why

But why can’t we believe in what I’ve just said now
And brush away the thought and pain
From the thinking brow
Get down to living with our fellow men
Finish all the fighting and live in peace again