Peace In Your Heart

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Each one of us is seeking peace, desiring peace and aiming for peace in our hearts, but are we deserving of that peace? If peace within our troubled hearts eludes us, is there a reason for it and is there a simple way to change that outcome from being the one we get?

Life is participatory! Taking the time to sit in silence and to contemplate our place in the universe isn’t the full picture of how we can find peace. When we seek that peace, the peace which passes all understanding, merely the stilling of ourselves in the presence of the Great I AM, is not enough.

As I have said many times before, each one of us is unique and each one of us in finding our passion will find our purpose. One of the scriptures says: “Whatever is in thy hand, do it with all thy might!” Life is about our actions as well as the humility needed to sit in awe of the wonder of it all.

The Principal at the Bible School I attended had a saying which stuck in my mind and in my heart: “Man’s extremity, is God’s opportunity!” He explained it as – the miraculous can only occur, when we have done all we can do to bring about the impossible. That’s when God steps in, according to Dr Arthur Skevington-Wood of Cliff College.

If you are looking for peace and you see someone (including you) in need of peace and you are able to do something to help them find that peace, do it! Fulfil your destiny, be who you were meant to be, discover your passion, find your purpose and go for it! Then take time out along the journey to sit in silence and you will find peace at a depth you have never experienced it before!

Like breathing in and breathing out, as you do your part in being a peace bringer you will be at peace in your heart. Everyone deserves peace, but not everyone is being proactive in peace’s pursuit. If you seek peace, don’t forget to be a peace-bringer!