What Are You Capable Of?


A Challenge To Each One Of Us

“Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their
abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential.”
– John Maxwell

This comes as a challenge to each one of us, if it happens to be true. Our abilities are not to be questioned; each one of us is as capable as the nest. What is in question is our desire to reach for our potential. And regardless of whether you agree with John Maxwell’s statement or not the only way to prove the statement incorrect is by increasing your desire to reach your potential and seeing what happens!

Until you have tried and failed, you really don’t know what your capabilities are! And if your desire to be successful you won’t give up at the first attempt! Oscar Wilde said “If at first you don’t succeed try, try again and if after try, try, trying again if you still fail, then give up, there’s no need to be stupid!”

How many times have you given up without trying? It’s time to put John Maxwell’s words to the test and find out if you are more capable than you previously thought!

Are You Serious About Your Own Success?


Strategic Planning Brings Us Short term and Long Term Happiness

The path to success is to take massive, determined action.” –
Anthony Robbins

The only way we are going to get where we want to be is by taking the matter totally seriously. First we need to think it through in depth, make a plan, then start to think three and four steps ahead. “If I do this what might happen next?” and “What will my response be?” in each eventuality.

We’ve already talked in the Daily Insights about not being half-hearted in our approach to our dreams, but it’s more than that! We need to have more than inertia; we need massive momentum, a powerful force behind what we do. To bring about the outcome we desire, we will need our full might and strength to be exercised.

The ‘bull in the china shop’ mentality won’t do in the long run. Yes it will make a massive impact, but our determination must be measured and our actions calculated and certain to enhance the exact response we seek.

And in all this strategic planning and execution don’t ever forget that we not only have to be happy when we achieve our goals, we also need to make sure we are happy on the way to their achievement.

It’s In Giving We Receive


Serving others becomes a blessing to us

“Try to forget yourself in the service of others. For when we think too much of ourselves and our own interests, we easily become despondent. But when we work for others, our efforts return to bless us.” – Sidney Powell

There have been many people who have been put into mental institutions in the past for claiming to be Julius Caesar, Adolf Hitler or Benito Mussolini. However, if you think that by claiming such notoriety they were merely saying I am in control of my world, I am master of my destiny, then they were correct!

Our lives are often seen by us as being the play things in the hands of those in authority, whether parents, teachers, employers or governments. The truth of the matter is that we are at the centre of our own universe; we are (unless we abdicate our power) in control of what we do and say. Therefore, if we are unhappy in our lives, we only have ourselves to blame!

But to be in control of our lives, doesn’t mean that we have a license to only consider our own needs; instead we should be looking for the way that we can find the most happiness. It just so happens that joy, fulfilment and happiness come to us more quickly as we serve each other; maybe humanity was designed that way?

It is more blessed to give than to receive and yet that isn’t a reason why you should refuse the gifts of friendship and help from others. If you do you are denying those wanting to show love to you the blessing that they will receive from their service. In a society that is all about “I, me and mine” we need to consider these wise words from Sidney Powell.

Coming Home

york mister


Written & © Copyright 2013
By Andrew Paul Smith 30-11-2013

Steely eyed determination
Has never been enough
The certainty of belief was needed
Before we’d be allowed to touch
The prize that has been sought
And tantalisingly close
Is now within our grasp
As the nightmare gave up its ghost

The story that we wove
As we spun out our own yarns
Sounded oh so good
It had a certain charm
Until we learned and knew
The weave and the weft
Of true belief’s completion
We remained bereft

Outside that ancient building
Put there to inspire
Many generations past
We first knew the desire
We felt the calling to
Go wherever we must go
And yet despite where we stood
Faith wasn’t our home

Although you switched on the lights
Within this heart of mine
The sea where lives are saved
Was not the place or time
Where we could learn the truth
Like the wise men from the east
Following a star
Our eyes still had to see

It took a dream to bring me here
I saw our time had come
In the twinkling of your eye
The journey had been run
As certainty now sunk in
To our lives and spirits
The two of us began
The promise to inherit

With faith as our guide
The knowledge that we will win
Has given to us such certainty
That now we wear a grin
Eureka and aha
The revelation’s known
What was only in our dreams
Will now become our home

My Quest To Find Happiness and Fulfilment

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Our Illusion of Separateness Needs Challenging

“Although you appear in earthly form your essence is pure consciousness. You are the fearless guardian of divine light. So come, return to the root of the root of your own soul!” – Rumi

You are not your name! If you changed your name legally and insisted that people always call you by your new chosen name from now on, the essence of who you are would not change! You are not your appearance, if you lost weight or through much effort super-sized yourself, or had plastic surgery you would not stop being you!

You could learn to speak with a new accent or in a new language that you didn’t grow up with, but you would still remain the same person! You could even change your religion or lack of it, your politics and your philosophy and not be anyone other than who you are!

The Psalmist says “Where could I go to escape from you? Where could I get away from your presence? If I went up to heaven, you would be there; if I lay down in the world of the dead, you would be there. If I flew away beyond the east or lived in the farthest place in the west, you would be there to lead me; you would be there to help me. (Psalm 139:7-10)

As individuals we have our quirks, foibles and egotistical behavioural patterns and yet our essence, as spiritual beings having this human experience, is according to Rumi “fearless guardians of divine light.” As part of the “essence of pure consciousness” we belong to and are an expression of the inescapable oneness.

Our illusion of separateness from the oneness/ the creator and from other individuals has been agreed upon, so that we (the plurality of individuality) can express our divinity in as many ways that it is possible to imagine! The expression of the oneness known as Andrew Paul Smith (and more recently as Barnabas the Blogger) wants say that we are all here to be a unique part of the whole.

Some would say that I am merely representing what I am focussing on, that I am expressing a point of view that has little relevance to their lives. I have been absent from the humdrum wage slavery that most people experience in the Western World for seven years. In that time my focus has been on how my coaching clients and the rest of the humanity can find personal happiness and fulfilment.

So if my focus is not to your taste and liking, if you see too many warning flags going up and you are coming to the conclusion that I am off my trolley, out of my tree; then I must tell you I got this way because I was seeking your happiness! I have wrestled with the problems of my clients, my family, my friends and the society I live in. I believe I have found many helpful answers in doing so.

I am not insisting you agree with my take on human life and how to find fulfilment, but I would like you to think these thoughts I share with you. I would ask you to in the same way that watch a film, you are willing to suspend your disbelief long enough to enjoy the movie, you might suspend your pre-conceived ideas long enough to let my world view to be fully considered by yourself.

I am with Rumi asking you to “return to the root of the root of your own soul” admittedly I am doing in from a place of my own understanding and beliefs and yet it is with your personal happiness in mind that I do this. To make sense of all that you see around you, all that is reported in the media and all the experiences of your life so far, I believe that if you are willing, this exercise with help you.

Like everyone else I am on a journey of discovery. I used to think I knew everything but the older I have grown the certain I am that I know very little at all. I want to see humanity grow up from its current stage of adolescence into planetary enlightenment.


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The Peace That Passes All Understanding


 Do you want inner peace?

“If you want a kinder world, then behave with kindness; if you want a peaceful world, make peace within!” – Dan Millman, Writer and Speaker

The moment of enlightenment is coming to meet you, if you are looking for it! You have a journey to travel, an action plan to make, a destination in mind and yet the route, the steps and the arrival are not as far away as you might think! The journey in all reality is less than two feet or even half a metre, from your head into your heart!

Thinking is good, analysing may help, but letting your ego and your own rationality decide how to act or how to feel moment by moment in your life is a death sentence to inner peace. Many of the problems of our human world are based on how we perceive the actions of others make us feel; and yet neither the actions nor the words of others have no control over us; unless we let them!

In a dualistic world, there has to be good and bad, happy and sad, it’s just the nature of this reality! We have no compulsion to react or even respond to the things people say or do to us. We have a choice at all times as to what we will think, say, do and yes even feel. The question is: “What will best serve us in our lives?” Will it serve us to react to what others say and do, or is being at peace a better choice?

When we go to our own space, get comfortable and sit quietly let all the burdens we carry (and the anxiety that sometimes affects us) fall away; we can then get in touch with our higher self. If we can see the Earth from a distance of space or time and see how insignificant the troubles of our day really are, then we can soon know how we feel at this deeper level about our problems.

The “feeling at a deeper level” is also where our intuition can be recognized and known. When we follow our intuition our lives stop being affected by the egotistical passions and perceptions of unfairness. We are as the mystics say “at peace” and it is this peace which passes all understanding that will lift your life, and the lives of those you spend time with, in a beautiful, compassionate and loving way.

The things we argue about, the actions that people take that upset us at the human level can’t touch us at the deeper spiritual level. It’s a choice that we all have to face every moment of every day to be in touch at the deeper level or not. Will the words and actions of others or the great issues of our day: global warming, rich versus poor, war and violence, hunger, illness, the preservation of our creeds, countries and philosophies animate us to the point of losing our inner peace or not?

I chose inner peace! I am not perfect, I do get swept up in the moment of deep discussion about the fairness’s and unfairness’s of the human world and yet I try to remember I am a spiritual being having a human experience. Inner peace I believe is available to each one of us. I was at my father’s hospital bedside when he died and I came away saying: “If that is death, I am ok with it, it was quite beautiful!”

A moment is coming in the future to all of us, when the struggles and pains of this human life will evaporate, they will no longer be of any consequence whatsoever! The question in my mind is, how will you and I fair in the world to come? Will we be totally out of place, will we not understand life at a deeper level or will we have taken the time to prepare ourselves for the spiritual life where intuition is the fuel the takes us on?


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Making Sure It Never Happens Again

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Making Mistakes and What To Do With Them‎

”It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters!” – Epictetus

I love to be informed! I like watching the news and current affairs programs and yet there is still in my view often a hidden agenda when it comes to some parts of the media. In fact we all put our own spin on what we say, it is impossible for us to be completely objective about the events of our lives whether we are merely discussing some newsworthy story or a recent experience of our own lives.

One of the statements I keep hearing from those investigating a tragedy is that they want us to find a way, to make sure that something so bad like this “never happens again.” It is a desire of our culture to learn from our mistakes, we can all see the wisdom in that. People set up charities to help those being affected with illnesses and life situations that mirror something that has happened to a loved one who has now departed this life.

Part of me wants to believe that these tragedies I hear about, in my insatiable desire to know as much of the evolving human story, will be the last. And yet in my 56 years of life, sadly I can remember when a similar event has been reported in the past. They say that history teaches us one thing above all others that we as a species don’t seem learn much from history.

Well here we are seemingly looking into the void of our own lack of ability as human beings to do anything about the continuing the cycle of sadness and defeat. However, you are reading the musings of “Barnabas the Blogger” here, the self-named “son of encouragement” and so you know that this is not where my thoughts are going to end, don’t you?

My father used to say often “Its two steps forward, one back and although it doesn’t seem like it at times, this is progress!” I want to add to his wise words right now with some of my own: If you are going to make a mistake, don’t be over concerned about making a big one! Your potential of learning a lot in a short space of time will be increased if you do this, and that is a promise!

Do you really want to learn from your mistakes? Do you want to face the struggle and become the butterfly that the hairy grub never seemed likely to become? One day it broke out of the husk of a shell which had imprisoned it and decided to fly away and you can do too and here’s how!!!

Steady now! What you are about to read is as life transforming for you (and society transforming too – because all of us individually make up the whole) as the caterpillar that turned into the gloriously beautiful butterfly! I want to keep you in suspense and expectation just a little longer, so please excuse me waiting till the next paragraph to tell you this little bit of wisdom for today.

Here we go … – … Each one of us in essence are the expression of all the beliefs, rules and values we have adopted, they have become our identity and yet it is also true to say we are a work in progress and until our dying day we have a choice of: if and when to change. We can change in an instant, we can end our bad habits and seek to achieve our highest goals; if we are willing to suffer the pain of breaking those bad habits and transforming and allowing the beauty that we all have inside us, to shine through.

This desire to change, this determination to break through is not for the wimps, to become all you and I can be, it will take all we’ve got! Are you up for such a challenge? The challenge is to review all your beliefs, rules and values, your behaviours and to open them all up to the scrutiny of the question – “Do these attitudes and behaviours help or hinder me in becoming the person I have always wanted to be?”

Getting a Life Coach to help you with this process seems to me to be a must and I would love to be that coach for you! Are you ready to transform and to become an enlightened one? A complimentary thirty minute coaching taster session with me is available, just email me at “info@andrewpaulsmithonline” and put “I want to transform” in the subject box!

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It’s Time To Let Your Light Shine

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The Light That Has Lighted The World

“I’m grateful to anyone, that is happy or ‘free’ for giving me hope while I’m looking to see the light that has lighted the world” – George Harrison

This is the title to a George Harrison song which can be found on his “Living In The Material World” album. The album was inspired by the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita which is the essence of the Vedic teachings. The Gita is something I have been aware of but have not yet researched.

We each carry within us a great light, but sadly we attempt to hide it from the world and more especially from ourselves. By far the majority of us do not want to accept that we are able to shine brightly, we prefer to remain hidden from the crowd and yet each one of us is a star!

There are a few among us that want to be stars; these individuals go about gaining our stardom the wrong way, it can be an ego trip, and it usually ends in tears. There is no need to become a star, when you recognise that you already are one!

We were all placed here to shine our light! As we used to sing in Sunday School, “You in your small corner and I in mine!” What kind of light did that song encourage us to shine? The same one I am referring to here “a pure clear light, like a little candle burning in the night.”

We are beings of light and just like a light bulb which is not yet switched on, when we don’t light up the world it is a darker place and we are unfit for the purpose we were sent here for. We must shine; it is what we were made to do, both you and I must bring our light into the world!

Are you aware of someone whose light has grown dim? Are you able to recognise when people are in the dark? Does your spirit, your higher self not beg you to shine your light so that others can brighten up too? Then it is most certainly simple to know what you and I must do, isn’t it?

There is a sense in which the great spiritual teachers, that we know the names of, have been a light to the world. One of them is sometimes referred to as “The Light of the World” but he himself said:

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others!”

Dearest reader, it is most certainly the time for us all to shine! Have you not noticed how dark things are getting in the human world? We are called to use all of our talents, to be all we were sent here to be, and most of all, to SHINE!”


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“Keep Moving On” – A Collection Of Inspirational Poems

embrace the universe

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If you have liked reading my Friday Inspirational Poem, you may be interested in purchasing my first collection of self penned inspirational poetry called “Keep Moving On” so named after the poem I posted here three weeks ago.

In my lifetime I have written over 800 poems and maybe a quarter of them have an inspirational feel to them. This collection serves as a diary of my thoughts during the transition I made from Accounts Manager at a local building firm to becoming a fully qualified Life Coach back in 2006.

I originally self published this as a A5 booklet in August 2006 but the pdf version contains poems not included in the original collection which I had initially intended to replace some of the originals. With other poetry collections to come, this first pdf book contains 35 poems to help inspire your day.

Each Friday I will share another of my inspirational poems with you, but why wait till Friday for just £0.99 you can start reading a whole volume of them today. To be poetically inspired, challenged and encouraged each day for more than a month look no further than this little collection of inspirational poetry. 

Choosing The Path That Leads To Success


Doom or Possible Disappointment? You Choose!

“You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you
don’t try.” – Beverly Sills

Shakespeare said “Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt!” We are in a daily battle with our dreams and the sense of reality that our lives have taught us. Our parents, our teachers, our peer group and the media, train us to think in ways that are not helpful to us when it comes to fulfilling our desires.

There is also the fear of looking stupid, if our plans come to nothing whilst everyone else looks on. Surely though, the perceived likely disappointment we may have is nothing compared with the acceptance of defeat without even trying? Disappointment or doom is the choice we are being given today by Beverly Sills.

Well, we might say in response, if you put it like that, I’d chose the possibility of disappoint (not guaranteed) over doom every time; and yet in reality many of us don’t! It seems to me that our thinking needs rewiring, so that when it comes down to it, we will always be willing to give our plans a possibility of success.

If we fail to achieve the outcome we desire, instead of feeling foolish maybe instead we might look at what has happened and see what lessons we can learn from the experience to enable a more favorable out come next time?