Do You Personify Love?

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The Certainty Of Love (Which Knowledge Sadly Lacks)

“The truth is you are love! … and Life is giving you endless opportunities to experience this truth!” – Sue Krebs

I love knowledge, but knowledge by its nature is transient and incomplete. Like truth it can only be a truth from a certain perspective, your truth and mine may differ! The things we think we know to be true can find us at odds with others who truths they don’t match. In a worst case scenario those who disagree can come to blows, even all out warfare.

Knowledge can be a blessing or a curse! Nuclear power can power and light cities or destroy them! One tribe’s “promised land” can be the reason for the dispersion and even annihilation of the current inhabitants with all the sadness and horror it brings. The “knowledge” that someone else’s country is the front line of a battle you are fighting will be a source of anger towards you forever.

owledge is far from helpful in certain circumstances, but LOVE agape / self-sacrificing love will always be the answer to the world’s problems. When we fill our hearts with love towards our fellow man there is no way we could seek to do others any harm. Our focus wouldn’t be on who is right or who is wrong, but instead on how we could show love!

Love would lead us to listen to the concerns of those who oppose our point of view and help us to find a common ground where both our needs and theirs could be met. If we really listened to each other rather than just waiting for our turn to talk, so that we can put our own point of view forward, then love would take hold on Planet Earth.

If we were willing to do enough for those in need, instead of meeting our own greed and lust for power, we would find the world to be a much better place. If we wanted to find the ways to help instead of to harm those whose knowledge and experience contradicts our own we would all know peace in our lives, in our countries and in our world!

We are here to breathe in the love of the almighty and then to breathe blessings not curses on our fellow beings. In fact when we seek to be spiritually complete and through enlightenment to re-join the oneness, we become the personification of love! Every event of our lives is an opportunity for us to define our true character as being someone who has knowledge or love!

We have all had experiences that have moulded us in to the people we have become; this process has taken place without us realizing it. As we become aware of what has happened we can decide to take back control over our base instincts and remove the garbage that our human understanding has blocked us from seeing our true nature – the nature of love.


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The Natural Law Of Cause And Effect


 Is the Buddha’s Statement Religion Or Science?

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking!” – Marcus Aurelius, 121-180, Roman Emperor

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!” is almost the golden rule according to the Christian teachings, isn’t it? When we look to Eastern Mysticism we come up with statements like this one from the Buddha, which is used to support the law of karma. I have a different theory to put to you today that explains where these religious teachings may come from.

We live in a cause and effect universe and even those who hold to no personal religious faith have to admit that everything we do is a cause set in motion. There are consequences to our actions! We may see ourselves at the mercy of larger powers like the government, society in general, our employer, or our family and friends; what they do affects us and yet we are not without our own power.

In our lives we play the central character in our own story and the only way in the long term that anyone else gains power over the trajectory of our lives, is by us abdicating the power to choose our response to their actions! “Don’t get angry, get even!” is a way to avoid being punished by your anger, if you want to avoid the effect of your anger’s cause.

Maybe you should take some time today to think about your life and how you got to where you are right now. I think you might be surprised to find that it is your own actions or inactions that have brought you to this present set of circumstances that you now face. I know this is true for me, for seven years I have shunned money and materialism and so strangely I have little at the bank and very few new possessions.

The great news about all this is that whatever situation we find ourselves in today, it is not permanent! If we have abdicated our power, we can take it back! If we have chosen to shun money, we can now make it welcome again! We can choose to change anything we want to change in our lives, but in a cause and effect universe, it may take time for that which we seek to arrive.

We need to accept responsibility for the changes we want to see and then act accordingly. It may be trial and error to begin with, but if we are willing to commit to our goals and show tenacity, then we will achieve all we set out to achieve! The currency we use to gain the experiences that we seek is faith! Blind faith is not to be shunned, but for most of us the building of faith, can be done like the building of muscles; by exercise!

Think first of the bigger picture, what is the major goal you are aiming for? What is the final destination, as you see it right now, where would you like to be in say 6 months or 12 months’ time? Once you’ve done that, then you must break it down into smaller levels of achievement, like searching for the signposts on a long journey. Now, what are the actions you must take (remember this might be trial and error) to get to that first staging post?

Maybe you’d like to plan this pathway with a life coach and then take him on her on the journey with you? I have space for three new clients at the moment to have the encouragement that a blogging man like Barnabas can offer. So please don’t hesitate to contact me at “” if you’d like me with you on your journey. The journey to have, be and do all the things that you believe should become the story of your life.

Whether or not you get a life coach to assist you to change the trajectory of your life, I believe that today is the day for you to draw a line in the sand. Today is the day to start becoming the cause to the effects that you seek, rather than the cause to the affects that you don’t seek. Your life is the result of what you make it to be, either from your actions or your inactions!

Yes of course what I am saying may have spiritual consequences too. Some say there is no right and wrong and that morals are human constructs which help us to accept that the evil men do will not go unpunished. If this is so then we can easily walk away from the wrongs others do us because they will eventually get their just deserts; and such a belief will help keep us on the straight and narrow too.

Whether there are any moral implications to our actions and inactions or not, what is certain in a cause and effect universe is that our behaviours have a domino effect on our lives and the lives of others! If you don’t like the effects, change the causes! Stop blaming others for the things you think aren’t going your way, maybe the chain reaction you started could still become a blessing for you?

We don’t get what we want, we get what we expect, so have faith that things will work out the way you want them to, and they will! Make sure you know exactly what the intention of your deeds are as you do them, and then like the farmer you will reap what you sow! Keep a smile on your face, an expectation of the joys you seek in your heart, and keep on keeping on until you arrive at the goals you seek.


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Written and © Copyright 2010
By Andrew Paul Smith 09-09-2010


What do you understand about your life my friend
You were born and you will die
But what’s in between
A gathering of information and experiences too
Relationships with others, then there’s all the things you do

Have you got wisdom, or do you just know facts
Can you remember the journey you’ve taken
Have you got the knack
Of getting where you want to go almost painlessly
Are you already the you, you want to be

    You have the understanding
You do know how to think
You are the survivor
You can return from the brink

Life is for learning, but it’s not a game
It’s not a practice
So do you know why you came
Do you know your purpose here, is that much understood
Are you certain that you’re doing what you really should

Open up your heart and mind, take some time right now
To consider where life’s brought you
The where and why and how
Can you see the direction, where your life is going
Then you’ve got understanding, you’ve arrived at knowing

It’s Time To Think Big!


 An Opportunity To Change Your Thinking

“As long as you are going to be thinking anyway, think big.” – Donald Trump

 What a challenge! We all think every moment of every day, something like 60,000 thoughts a day, but sadly most of them repetitive. Our minds are like sponges, if only we used them to soak up new information each day, we and all society would benefit. We need to read more, step outside our comfort zone and think outside the box.

We all know what we know, but there is and always will be much more to learn. As a coach I believe that the most important subject we need to learn about is ourselves. When we understand, even a little bit more about ourselves, why we do the things we do, we will be able to get so much more out of life! We are imprisoned by our own programing, done by those who also had little understanding, even if they meant well.

We are here to grow, and to make progress in our own generation, for our families and for all humankind! The kaleidoscope turns, the pattern changes, and yet what emerges can be more perfect and beautiful than it was before, if we stop to think about how we want the pattern to change, rather than just letting it happen.

Our thinking needs to be bigger; instead of merely thinking about how to get through the day we should think of how to plan our lives and how we can improve things for those who follow us!  Maybe today started out no differently than any other day, but here’s the opportunity to change that and think big! Today is the first day of the rest of your life, so take the opportunity to think big!

Here’s Some Help To Get You Where You Want To Go



“The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work.” – Arthur Brisbane

Does it annoy you when people state the obvious, even if you hadn’t thought of it before? Maybe it’s because you were thinking something different or entirely unrelated at the time? I was in a conversation recently where I said something the other person didn’t want to hear. I didn’t say what I said to annoy them, just to help them see things from a different point of view.

The truth is the truth, however, glib, playful or upsetting it is to you. Despite anything you might mention, (like our lack of ability to accept a new paradigm, or the willingness to accept an obvious one right now in this moment) “the truth will set us free!” Unless and until you are willing to accept what is obvious to others, the possible truth of what they have said will not benefit you and will nevertheless still exist.

Arthur Brisbane could have said “Even in the dictionary, action always comes before success!” That statement wouldn’t have brought about as many wry smiles, but the message is would still be the same. – If you want to get anywhere in life you have to accept the natural order of things! We are in a cause and effect universe, our actions and our work are the things that bring about our successes or failures!

What is also worth noting is when someone shares with you something that is to your benefit, and will help your understanding of how things are in the natural order; the best thing to do is to listen. Maybe they have understood something you haven’t yet understood and you can benefit from the wisdom of what they share, however unpalatable it might at first sound to you.

Does Your Life Add Value To Lives Of Others?

Bearing Gifts

The Blessing Of Giving

“The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination to
see how much he can give for a dollar, instead of how little he
can give for a dollar, is bound to succeed.” – Henry Ford

If we want to receive, first we have to be willing to give. The only time the words of Jesus are quoted outside of the gospels or the book of revelation is when the Paul reminds us in Acts 20 verse 35 that Jesus said “It is more blessed to give than to receive!”

Generosity and not mean spiritedness is the hallmark of the successful life. A few days ago our Daily Insight quoted the words of Napoleon Hill “It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”

We all want great value for our money, but are we willing to give it? Are we willing to go the extra mile, even for a friend or family member? If like Henry Ford and his first mass produced “Model T Ford” which you could get in “any color as long as it was black;” we can find a way to add value to the lives of others in a way that costs them a little rather than a lot, we are like Henry Ford, bound to succeed!

Give Yourself The Opportunity To Grow

APSO 092 130917 - Give Yourself The Opportunity To Grow


“Few things help an individual more than to place responsibility upon him, and to let him know that you trust him.” – Booker T. Washington

One of the things that hold us back is a lack of faith in our own abilities. We are either shy, scared or we hold ourselves back because we don’t want to appear pushy, especially if we think we might end up a laughing stock. Maybe this is more of a self-deprecating British trait, but I’m sure there are others across the world that has had similar feelings.

And yet if someone gives us a job to do, we don’t want to let them down. We may have to seek help or advice to complete the task, but once we have been given responsibility for something, we want to fulfil that task to the best of our ability.

The very fact that we have been trusted with the job, tells us that the person who asked us thinks we are capable of doing it and that they trust us to complete it. Our self-respect and self-belief increases as a result of being given responsibility and trust by another person, it helps us to step up in our own estimation of ourselves and to be someone who contributes more in many future circumstances.

On the other side of the coin we don’t ask others to do things for us because we don’t believe they will do the job the way we would. And yet if we never delegate we will be stuck doing the same things over and over. We will not be given the opportunity to grow and stretch ourselves and those who we could delegate to will also be unable to grow and stretch themselves too.

Increase your faith in humanity today, give some of your responsibilities to others and give yourself the opportunity to grow. Life on Earth will be better as a result. Oh and by the way, you may have to advise and help those you are delegating to until they get the hang of things.

Move Out Move On


Move Out, Move On

Written and © Copyright 2006
By Andrew Paul Smith 14-03-2006

How long will you sit there
Accepting what live gives
How long before you
Change the way you live
Move out move on
Momentum has begun
You know it’s time
To enjoy the days to come

Will you take control now
It’s time to seize the day
Letting circumstances hurt you
Your power’s ebbed away
Move out move on
Momentum has begun
You know it’s time
To enjoy the days to come

Looking all around you
Feeling innate despair
Trapped by your perception
Nothing will seem fair
Move out move on
Momentum has begun
You know it’s time
To enjoy the days to come

Gotta change your mind set
Know the strength within
You are not a victim
You are going to win
Move out move on
Momentum has begun
You know it’s time
To enjoy the days to come

Make a new beginning
Assert yourself above
All the petty moans and groans
Say you’ve had enough
Move out move on
Momentum has begun
You know it’s time
To enjoy the days to come


Following Your Dreams


Finding Your Purpose

“Follow your dream as long as you live, do not lessen the time of
following desire, for wasting time is an abomination of the
spirit.” – Plato

I am someone who believes that we were all sent here to planet Earth with a purpose for us to achieve. Whilst it is true that we may not understand fully in this lifetime what that purpose is; we all have an inkling of what it might be! Some have a clear view from the start of their lives what they want to do, for others their genius is easily recognized by others from a very early age.

If you are still in the dark as to what your purpose might be, it doesn’t matter! It may be that you suddenly surprise yourself by finding that you are totally engrossed with a certain subject or cause and you have an “aha” moment and the direction of your life is totally clear from that moment on! Or maybe all it will ever really amount to, is that there are certain things you like to do and become animated and passionate about from time to time.

Regardless of the clarity that you feel in this lifetime about what your purpose is, don’t forget to dream of the way you’d like your life to be and to pursue that dream! If you do, this life will be well lived! As the tapestry of your life is finally seen by you from the other side, if it has never been clear to you before you will see what a wonderful and beautiful finished product your life has become! I believe anything less than following your dreams will result in a wasted life.