Becoming The Source Of Good

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In this cause and effect universe that we live in, the causes we set in motion today will eventually become the effects we will receive in our tomorrows down the road. We reap what we sow, karma is nothing more than the consequences of our own actions!

For this reason, the more self-aware we are. the less likely it will become that we’ll sow the seeds of unpleasantness and hardship for ourselves down the line. We need to find ways to make ourselves more aware, more awake, more conscious.

Each time we stumble across a way to attain the identity of the watcher of our own lives, then a little light is shone and the darkness, and implications of those unknowing actions of our lives, is dispelled.

Let the light of self-awareness shine in your life and mine today! May we be those who are sowing actions of love and ones who no longer remain in the darkness of reacting to the events of our lives.

Let us not be one of those hurt people, who hurt people (including ourselves). Let us instead be those who take our time to respond and in so doing become the source of good in our own lives.

Have Patience

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Have patience, be in no hurry, take your time! Don’t beat yourself up, Spring is on its way, everything grows at its own pace! Imperceptibly slow it may seem, but nature’s replenishment is about to begin, the buds will soon be seen where only death seemed to be.

Relentless and without fault, life continues to blossom and flourish, year by year, it may seem delayed, but it’s coming! Spring will soon have sprung, and the darkness and barrenness of winter will be gone! Life is living you too; you are no different as you begin each new cycle!

As you move to a new neighbourhood, start a new job, fall in love once more. As you feel clumsy, awkward, unfamiliar and unknowing, life springs on eternal within you. Trust the process, trust yourself, the student becomes the master, and all will be well! Have patience!

Miracle Morning

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Each morning is a miracle arising
The new day ahead unknown
Like virgin snow untrampled
Like the seeds, as yet unsown

As you get up from your slumber
And meet the day ahead
Take a moment to see excitement
Let it swim around your head

For there will be occasions
As this day passes along
Where you will be challenged
By life, to sing your song

In the moments you’re not sure
Of exactly what to do
Then the miracle will happen
As the one revealed is you

You’ll not be on auto-pilot
It’s the moment of true worth
The world will know your presence
For this you came to birth

I wish you a miracle morning
Where cause and effect suspend
For you to see the greatness
Of the “I am” you are, my friend

Total Freedom

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Total freedom is the absence of all rules, both the rules of society and those of our own making. Freedom is where the dualism ends and unity consciousness returns, in our perception of it.

When we accept external rules, we become subject to them and we are no longer free to be ourselves in society. When we accept internal or self-imposed rules we imprison our spirits from becoming who we are capable of being.

Total freedom is to not only know and be aware of our integrated place in life as part of the isness of it all, the unity of all that is, in some static meditatory sense. Instead, it is when we are actively playing our natural part, not just in living our lives, but letting life live itself out through us.

Let our heartbeats be in rhythm with the heartbeat of the universe! May we lose ourselves in that heartbeat and may that heartbeat lose itself in us! As we become one with all that is, rules will become superfluous; because how can you insist something or someone to be what they already are, or to stop them being what they are not!

This Silent Love!

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Between silence and love
Our action and inaction
Lies the beauty of the dance
The oscillation of participles
Both the movement and life’s
Of the ever changing universe
And .. the un-changelessness of it all

Love is what makes the dance possible
Without feeling connected to the whole, the oneness
We keep crashing into each other
And hurting each other
We belong safely together
And like the swarms of birds
That fly by the cliffs
We take our place in the dance
Perfectly, passionately expressing
The fullness of our lives, of life …

If you are feeling alone
Silently contemplate how you belong to the wonder of it all
Then spread your wings and fly
Into the expression of perfect love
That is yours and mine
To exist within
And know …
Enjoy the dance of this silent love
Now and always

Peace In Your Heart

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Each one of us is seeking peace, desiring peace and aiming for peace in our hearts, but are we deserving of that peace? If peace within our troubled hearts eludes us, is there a reason for it and is there a simple way to change that outcome from being the one we get?

Life is participatory! Taking the time to sit in silence and to contemplate our place in the universe isn’t the full picture of how we can find peace. When we seek that peace, the peace which passes all understanding, merely the stilling of ourselves in the presence of the Great I AM, is not enough.

As I have said many times before, each one of us is unique and each one of us in finding our passion will find our purpose. One of the scriptures says: “Whatever is in thy hand, do it with all thy might!” Life is about our actions as well as the humility needed to sit in awe of the wonder of it all.

The Principal at the Bible School I attended had a saying which stuck in my mind and in my heart: “Man’s extremity, is God’s opportunity!” He explained it as – the miraculous can only occur, when we have done all we can do to bring about the impossible. That’s when God steps in, according to Dr Arthur Skevington-Wood of Cliff College.

If you are looking for peace and you see someone (including you) in need of peace and you are able to do something to help them find that peace, do it! Fulfil your destiny, be who you were meant to be, discover your passion, find your purpose and go for it! Then take time out along the journey to sit in silence and you will find peace at a depth you have never experienced it before!

Like breathing in and breathing out, as you do your part in being a peace bringer you will be at peace in your heart. Everyone deserves peace, but not everyone is being proactive in peace’s pursuit. If you seek peace, don’t forget to be a peace-bringer!

Wise Men Find Peace Within

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Are you chasing the wind? Are you looking for peace, seeking for your dreams, going after something you perceive as missing from your life?

Have you seen Holman Hunt’s painting entitled “Light of the World?” He has Jesus stood outside a door overgrown with foliage holding a lamp and it often is coupled with the caption “Behold I stand at the door and knock. If any man hears my voice and open the door, I will come in and sup with him and he with me!”

It is a sad picture, because if you are out chasing the wind, how can you ever answer the door to the Prince of Peace, who has come looking for you!

Many years ago, James Thomas East the hymn writer wanted so badly to visit the Holy Land to see with his own eyes where the story of Christianity began and started saving up for the trip. When he had almost got the funds required, his sister became grievously ill and needed a doctor. In using up all his savings he found the healing she so desperately needed. He then wrote these words.

“Wise men seeking Jesus
Travelled from afar,
Guided on their journey
By a beauteous star.
But if we desire him,
He is close at hand;
For our native country
Is our Holy Land.

Prayerful souls may find him
By our quiet lakes,
Meet him on our hillsides
When the morning breaks.
In our fertile cornfields
While the sheaves are bound,
In our busy markets
Jesus may be found.

Every peaceful village
In our land might be,
Made by Jesus’ presence
Like sweet Bethany.
He is more than near us,
If we love him well;
For He seeketh ever
In our hearts to dwell.”

Peace is right here and right now! It’s time to stop chasing it, and instead to sit quietly and wait patiently. It will come knocking on the door of your heart. The Psalmist reminds us “Be still and know that I am god!” And be being still you will know how to find peace!

Seeing What’s Real

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Can you see what is real? “Of course, I can see what is real!” you might reply; but can you? The unenlightened are tethered to the world of form, of flesh and blood, of temporal certainty. They believe only the evidence of the five senses and declare this to be reality.

This view of the world is comforting in part, but sometimes the evidence can be disturbing. Our reality when described this way, can become a picture of lack, a nightmare of desperation, destruction and even death! I hope you can see a much deeper reality than this?

Maybe you will disagree with me and think me quite mad, but I see something much more beautiful and profound than the three/four-dimensional world of space/time reality.

I see into the benign essence of universal love and light. I see into the purpose, passion and precise perfection of universal love and light. I may have only had glimpses of it, but it has reassured me that this life isn’t all there is and that that this deeper eternal reality is worth belonging to.

What can you see?

Sitting In Silence

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Motionless, unmoving, unmoved
Letting what is just be …
The silence that surrounds you …
Disturbed only
By your own breathing …
Alone and at peace, you are …
Letting the world go by …
Without desire …
Allowing your plans to be at rest

You meet with the universe
You become super-positioned
Nowhere and everywhere
In a moment
No boundaries, no limits
You are at peace
You are peace

The love that exists
Within you expands
The love without you engulfs you
You become love
Although you always were love
As you sit in silence

Oh that each one of us
Would spend time each day
Just … sitting in silence
Meeting with the deeper level
Of what is outside of ourselves
Our petty desires and wishes

To meet the isness
To become the isness
Of peace and love
Just … to BE!

The Ebb and Flow Of Life

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The ego wants its own way; and when things go its way, then it sees itself as triumphant, powerful and no longer needing to strive. Yet, the stresses and strains of this life come don’t come from the ego not getting its way, but from the ego itself!

What if those feelings of triumph, power and the lack of striving, arrive to the ego merely because of coincidence and not in any way in relation to the intended interference of the ego’s will?

I remember that the words of St Paul affected me deeply when I read: “I have learned in whatsoever circumstances I find myself, to be content!” (Phil 4:12) It was a major lesson for me in controlling my egotistical desires which many times have ended in frustration, anger and resentment.

To be at peace, you don’t need to get your own way! You only need to recognise that life’s ups and downs are part of its ebbing and flowing! To be at peace, is to accept what is and not to be “kicking against the goads” as the Damascene bound Saul of Tarsus was doing as the heavenly voice spoke to him. (Acts 26:14)