Open Your Heart


There’s a hidden you inside, that wants to come out and play. My friends would come to the door and ask my Mum: “Is Andrew playing out?” It only struck me today that most of us play in, because we are still being held back by the code of ethics our parents gave to us!

I’d like you to hear me right now, asking your Mum if you are playing out. The only thing that is different is that your Mum is actually not there, you are an adult and you make your own decisions now! Why do you keep letting her answer the door?

You know you want to play out, but you’re scared! Scared of being seen out, saying and doing the things that convention, society, your peer group and of course those who raised you might say, if you were finally out, if you were finally you.

My parents both died within three months of each other back in late 2004 / early 2005 and although I think of them every single day and still love  and respect them both with all my heart, I must report the following experience:

I miss my weekly calls to them on a Saturday morning, but I don’t miss having to hear their concerns when things are going wrong in my life. I hated having them worried about me. I am also glad that I have felt able to be more myself and share my opinions more freely.

But: I wish I hadn’t waited and that I had felt free to come out with my opinions and to live my life the way I choose, before they left me. I am sad they didn’t get to see me as a fully fledged adult and yet there’s still part of me that ¬†needs and wants to come out and play.

I have written this article because I believe you should consider that although we must always live our lives in a loving manner because love is the answer; I also believe we are all individuals who need to shine our light as boldly and as bravely as possible!