One Of Life’s Mysteries Solved!


Everything that exists in the three-dimensional world came into being by someone thinking the idea of: “What would it be like if?” It’s been the same in your life and mine, since we started to think. We may have thought as a baby, if I cry I will be fed, and so we cried.

We’ve done this so often, we don’t even realise it’s happening we are on autopilot. We think negative and positive thoughts and then negative and positive events come into our lives as a mirror of those thoughts.

It seems too simple to be true, but have you ever stopped to think what’s happening in my thoughts? It may be that you don’t know that you are being negative, and yet you have the best defence mechanism ever! It’s called “the pit of your stomach,” “your gut reaction!”

You know deep down inside whether some thought that you’re having is good for you or bad for you, because of this internal knowing. So from now on, manifest your reality with positive thought projection! Project an image of how you want things to be, not how you don’t want things to be, and you will have solved one of life’s mystery’s!