New Challenges


“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already
mastered, you will never grow.” – Ronald E. Osborn

Here’s a challenge for us all from Robert E. Osborn. Ever heard of growing pains, well here we are being encouraged to embrace some new ones! The truth is most people do what they are good at and leave the rest to somebody else, but those who are willing to take on a new challenge are those whose lives and more interesting and possibly more fulfilled.

Have you any unfinished business, anything you’ve thought you
might like to do and yet you’ve never taken any action to make
it happen? Maybe it’s playing a musical instrument, taking up a
new sport or reading some of the books you’ve had sitting on
the shelf since you bought them. If we are forever learning new
things, taking up new challenges you’ll keep experiencing the
same year over and over.

Life is waiting for you to embrace it’s fullness, don’t allow
yourself to be short changed! Take up a new hobby, dare to dream
and then go for it! Who knows where it all might lead, a new
career, new relationships, excitement oh and yes I almost forgot
growing pains too! 🙂