My Collection Of Inspirational Talks – “Inspiration 29” Is Now Available To Purchase


 Buy “Inspiration 29″ by clicking here

 If you have liked reading my recent blog posts, you may be interested to know they are taken from “Inspiration 29” a book in which I share some of my early inspirational articles which were based on video presentations which I made without a script, just shooting from the heart. On my blog they are taken at random, in the book they are  made available in the order that I put them together.

So far on my blog you have read eight of these twenty nine inspirational talks. When you purchase a copy of this lovely little pdf book, not only will you receive excellent value for money (£2.99 for more than 12,500 words of content) but also 21 new of my “Inspirational talks” to inspire, challenge and encourage you almost one for each day of the month.