Mr Smiley meets The Caring Confidante



I am so honored to be making a guest appearance at the Midlife Retreat, I do hope you can join me as it is totally FREE and from the comfort of your own home! Not everyone can fly to an exotic location, have the financial means to do so, the patience to waste hours travelling, or the skills to organize loved ones left behind and conversational know-how to plead with the boss for leave!

So Kay Newton, The Caring Confidante has designed a weekly on-line Midlife Retreat, where individuals from the midlife arena are invited to share their knowledge wisdom and inspiration. You can listen in or join in the conversation as you wish AND I am so excited be the very first guest!

Just think of it as a Mini-Me-Moment, a time to be Sensibly Selfish. Do not worry if you can’t make the live event. As long as you sign up, the webinar will be available for you to watch at your leisure.


I met Kay 5 years ago, we connected on Facebook and then met in Sheffield for an all too ‘short’ cup of coffee and we have ‘followed’ each other ever since.

Kay is currently based on the exotic island of Zanzibar where the inspiration for the Midlife Retreat was created.

“Even as a Midlife Expert, living on a tropical island I do not have all the answers, with today’s modern technology we can connect easily via the internet anywhere in the world and share our stories and knowledge.”

In this Midlife Retreat Kay and I will be dipping into my past life as a Lay Preacher whilst being a lover of the music of David Bowie in and amongst other parts of my life’s journey, how important it is to be yourself and how wisdom is bigger than any of us even at Midlife.

To join us on the 11th of Jan at 9am GMT

Register here.

(Please make sure you are not using Safari as your browser or the platform will not work). Want to ask me a question? Just type it in and I will answer it live on the day.

If you want to find out more about Kay before the Midlife Retreat check her out here: