Make Today Your Own Personal Independence Day!


Where do you look for answers? Do you look outside yourself for a guru, a teacher, a preacher? Do you read books, do you watch TV, do you interact with the social and other kinds of media? Do you talk to your friends or family? I am here to tell you that you are the guru! You have all the answers within you! The best coaches will always tell you that and help reveal the world within to you!

When I was a younger man I went to bible school for a year, I truly believed that all the answers anyone could ever need were in that book. More recently I have reached out to others to help me to bring my message to the world, but none of them have the answers for me, they have the answers that their hearts are seeking, not mine; for we are all individuals!

If you and I can stay still enough for long enough and drop from our minds, and their incessant prattling and mumblings, into our hearts we will find our answers. For it is in our hearts that we connect with our higher self, the universe, with god and there and only there will the truth be known, spirit to spirit and heart to heart, we will discover our own answers!

In fact, I’d go further – I believe that NOTHING will ever make sense to us, until we find the place of stillness and wisdom within us! I believe that there’s so much to distract us, and yet to be awake, to be aware and to be fully conscious, we MUST always go within!