Majoring In Minors


Written and © Copyright 2010
By Andrew Paul Smith 19-09-2010

Are you majoring in minors
Are you just on the run
Are the things you’ve taken on
Mean you haven’t begun
To make the impact with your life
That you intended to
It’s time to drop the distractions
It’s really up to you

There’s no one else who can do it
You are the only one
That can turn your life around now
Make everything such fun
And soon you’re no longer compelled
To jump through hoops pre-set
By others who don’t have in mind
The life you’d like to get

Take life by the scruff of the neck
Decide what it’s about
Make sure that your direction is
Where there’s for you no doubt
Do only things that excite you
The ones that give you juice
And major in your majors now
And take back your lost youth